“There is a pictorial mind-set behind my sculptures but I never know the end result beforehand. The potter’s wheel is the starting point for my work and the sculptures take shape and come to life during the work process. I use music to set the tone for the rhythm for my work and use this force to express vigour, dance and depth in my paintings. I create individual artworks and none of my works are ever the same“ Marie Långhans

Långhans  is an established Swedish artist. She graduated at the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design or Konstfack in Stockholm 1983. Since then, she has worked as an artist based on an island in Finland before returning to Sweden a few years ago. Her unique studio is located atop a water tower.

Marie Långhans works with ceramic sculptures, paintings, drawings and public artwork.

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These handmade and hand painted vases have been influenced by humanities continuous bombardment of information and flow of real time events.

When rotating these vases, the viewer will see my personal thoughts and made up fun drawings among the more serious and often tragic events shown by the news channels. The vases can be seen as a contemporary view of our society. The artworks are decorative in themselves and will fit well as an interior detail. I call them 'ceramic paintings'.